What is Regulrcrative.com?

Regulrcrative.com is the greatest online store on the internet, offering high-end SVG, vector, and png- in short, all sorts of online digital artwork and designs. Bringing awe-inspiring crafter’s design files on Tshirt/ Mug/ Home Sign/ Pillow/ Pot Holder/ Tumbler/ Cap/ Hoodie, and more. All the printable files available on the site are created with passion by several of the finest designers around the world. 

What are the subscription options?

You can pick a suitable subscription plan according to your needs. You can get access to all the Regulrcrative designs through one package, whether it can be Monthly, Lifetime, or Yearly. Extended commercial and personal, these two license options allow you to decide whether you want to go affordable and limited with the user-friendly agreement to being unlimited but not spending much. 

What features come along with my purchase?

The items are only available as digital content; each is packaged in a zipped folder. Individually modifiable SVG, PNG, JPG, Ai, EPS, and DXF formats and fonts, along with transparent background, are included inside every File. Only a few of the designs are not modifiable, which is why we did not provide the Ai format file, but the EPS configured File makes it simple to modify the colors and forms.

How will I get access to my files?

After we have received confirmation that your payment has been processed, you will get access for downloading instantly each File set from the Regulrcrative site. In addition, you will also receive an email to your address provided at the time of registration.

How to download purchased files from Regulrcrative.com?

After completing a successful purchasing process, you will be able to locate and get all of the purchased files and any freebies on the My account’s Downloads Page. 

Can I access these files from outside of your area?

Nevertheless, the place you’re living in, Regulrcrative, allows you to access files from anywhere in the world. As for being an online digital store, after every successful purchase, you can instantly download the File from wherever you are. Also, you will receive a link in your email for downloading the File. 

Is it possible to download any previously purchased file several days after the purchase?

As a link for downloading the File has already been sent to your email, you are allowed to download the File anytime in the future. 

How to know about the upcoming great deals?

By subscribing, you can always be informed about upcoming special offers, lifetime deals, and free giveaways from Regulrcrative. All you need to do for this is to join our mailing list by entering your email address, and you’ll be updated with exclusive deals, news, and more. 

Why can’t I use the File by Regulrcrative?

After completion of the transaction, the downloadable File will be available in a compressed or. ZIP folder. Please ensure you have extracted the compressed or Zip folder before using it. If you’re a Windows 10 or Windows 7 user, click on the right of the ZIP folder and select “Extract All.” Indicate the folder you want it to be unzipping and click on the “Extract” to start extracting. 

It is more simple for Mac users. Find the compressed File and open it by double clicking. An unzipped folder will be located in the corresponding directory as the originating.zip File. Vista or Windows XP users will need to double-check the ZIP folder and click on the “Extract All Files” link. Indicate where to place the unzipped folder while there is an opened Extraction Wizard and next, click on “Finish.” Additionally, to extract files from your iOS or Apple, you can use the iZip iOS app. RAR App is a helpful one for unzipping zip files from Android. 

Is the Affinity Designer program compatible with these templates?

Sure. The affinity designer allows you to make changes to them. To make changes to the text, you must open the Artificial intelligence-based File using Affinity Designer. If you open the provided Ai files through affinity designer, you may change the font, color, or form of anything.

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