What kind of license do you provide?

Every Regulrcrative design comes with a premium and free commercial licenses, allowing it to be reproduced in printed form across an infinite number of projects. You are permitted to utilize any of the products by Regulrcrative.com to advertise a product, business, or any service in return for monetary payment or any kind of compensation when you purchase a premium product from us. 

Offered License 



License Category

Single or Individual

Company or Individual 

Finished Products for Retailing


Available Only Printed Format

In-Broadcast Use

Sure, just say "Designed by regulrcrative.com" on the back.

Mercantile: Eternal Audience

Use Of Social Media

Individual and only one account

Several Corporate Users

Accessibility from Any Device (Desktop, Mobile, or Web App)

All rights reserved. Downloadable titles can only be utilized in presentations where the following credit is displayed: "Designed by regulrcrative.com."

Downloaded titles are allowed to be sold for several times. 

Displayed Commercials in Physical Form


Publish as many commercials as you like in any of the available marketplaces.

Web-Based Sponsored Content



Use of the Platform


Sales Are Unlimited

Permitted usage (No Cost / Individual):

  • One individual uses the device for his or her own purposes around the home.
  • Using our downloadable products and any POD service, an infinite number of users may make unique physical copies of their own content.
  • You must credit "Design by regulrcrative.com" if you use any of our items in a video clip, Television episode, documentary, or other broadcasting production.
  • You must include the following when using our designs on anything, including but not limited to t-shirts, sublimation products, mugs, eBooks, or printed books: "Created by regulrcrative.com."

You need to credit the photos and designs to their respective market:

 To ensure that we can keep producing completely fresh designs every day, you must provide credit to regulrcrative.com for any material you use, whether in whole or in part.

How should you give credit for it?

Regarding web pages:

To validate the market, kindly copy and paste the following code into your website:

<a href="http://www.regulrcrative.com">

Created by the designers at regulrcrative.com/a>

For printing purposes:

Just copy and paste this into your finished product to give credit where credit is due.

- A book may say, "Design made by regulrcrative.com," for instance, in the section thanking the people who helped create the book.

Uses that are acceptable (professional):

  • In a single business or home, there may be an unlimited number of users working on a variety of projects for either personal or professional purposes.
  • Anything downloaded or bought from Regulrcrative may be used on a POD service to create unique tangible or digital objects for an unlimited number of consumers.
  • Direct product placement in publicly viewable media such as videos, TV shows, movies, etc.
  • Maximum t-shirt, cup, and sublimated product use; limitless eBook and print book title usage; enormous sales.

Explanations of unacceptable applications:

  • Any kind of file distribution, including retailing, giving it for free or putting it in a bundle of other goods, of any original files bought or downloaded from the Regulrcrative website.
  • Selling the copyright to a different firm or transferring it to them.
  • Allowing the users of another firm or users who are not members of your family to utilize items that have been downloaded or bought from Regulrcrative in any manner.
  • You are not permitted to make a copyright claim if you discover that a design from Regulrcrative.com has been used on another POD site or a website that sells printed items. Because our layouts are modifiable, you are free to make any necessary changes to them that are in order to implement them in a manner that is distinctive from that of other users.

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