The procedure for receiving a refund from us is straightforward. This is a closed sale. 

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction on every Regulrcrative purchase.  Since nothing we sell is tangible, we'll do everything we possibly can to ensure you have a smooth experience setting up and using your new digital purchase. Our plan is valid for a total of three days. We cannot offer refunds or issue exchanges beyond 3 days from the date of purchase.


Before contacting us with a complaint for a chargeback on a product you've just purchased, please ensure you've familiarized yourself with our Return Policy first.

In Case Facing Technical Issue With Your Placed Order

Please email us at if you need assistance with a technical problem with a service. It's important to us to provide you with high-quality, straightforward solutions, so we're always here to answer your questions.

Interchange System

After making a purchase, you may find another product much more attractive or appropriate. However, we'd want to make it clear that once a purchase has been made, it is finalized and cannot be refunded. So, if any such situation arises, please send a note to us, and you'll receive another alternate recommendation from our end. 


Our digital items are non-returnable. Thus refunds will only be given under the following conditions:

  • If any customer has accidentally made a duplicate purchase meant for the same product, there would be no issue with providing a refund for it. In this circumstance, the user should then get in touch with us.. 
  • If the customer experiences any kind of technical problem with the ordered file that Regulrcrative cannot resolve, By contacting the support team and providing necessary information, it is possible to get a refund. However, we are delighted to give a complete refund when you and the Regulrcrative representative experience a consistently repeatable mistake with the purchased files and cannot remedy it. Please note that to get a reimbursement for any ordered product with a claimed technical fault, precise details on how the mistake was generated must be given.
  • The product's description was misleading. We say something is "misrepresented" if what you get doesn't do what it says it would or if something that was promised but wasn't contained in the package. False advertising does not have personal judgments of a product's worth or aesthetic value. An instance of misrepresentation would be where the product specification claimed smooth edges, but the final product had visible pixels even when viewed at 100%. If a customer returns an item because of its look or says, it isn't of good quality compared to other products purchased," this is NOT considered a case of misrepresentation.

Refunds Are Unable During The Following Scenarios 

  • If the customer no longer has the requirement of the product that was purchased.
  • The customer has come across a different product, or the prior opinion has changed. All is needed to send us a message, and we'd be pleased to suggest an alternative course of action if it better corresponds to the customer's requirements.
  • If the customer is not qualified to utilize the product because of lacking the necessary skills.
  • Or, the user cannot open and modify the product because of not having the appropriate software mentioned in the list.
  • When any subscriber makes a purchase accidentally.
  • In case the user finds the product low-quality.
  • If facing problems while downloading the file because of weak internet from the user's end or any similar situation regarding the internet service. 
  • Customers assert experiencing technical difficulties without the ability to give adequate proof to support the claim that these difficulties are being encountered. 
  • If the purchase of any product was made more than three days ago. 

The decision to provide any refunds is solely within the purview of Regulrcrative. 

Because we are dedicated to ensuring that you have a positive experience using Regulrcrative, please reach out as soon as conceivable if having any issues or concerns about your purchase. This will allow us to assist you in finding a solution to the problem and ensure that you continue to enjoy using Regulrcrative. Within twenty-four hours, we will do our best to answer the majority of questions sent to

What to do if you do not receive any response despite filing a dispute through PayPal 

Emailing us at is the easiest method to get in touch with Regulrcrative regarding any purchase-related issues you may be experiencing. Your membership will be temporarily disabled while receiving a complaint via PayPal, and this will continue to be the case until the disagreement is settled. You may reach us through email at if you have any questions or concerns about duplicate purchasing or other difficulties, and we'd be pleased to assist you.

If claimed for a refund accidentally

To revoke the chargeback, kindly contact your financial institution, the card company, or PayPal. Your subscription will be re-activated as soon as the dispute has been resolved, at which point we will be allowed to access it.

Closed account, even though not filed a refund

A credit or debit card issuer can label all payments within a specific time frame marked "fraudulent" if a card is canceled because it was suspected to be lost or stolen or was found to have been used in fraudulent transactions. In this situation, you should get in touch with the financial institution that issued your card, or the refund will be reversed.

Refund System

Refunds are simple to issue, but you must first let us know whether the decision was influenced by anything we said so far. To that end, we always think of new ways to better our product and service. Please don't hesitate to email us at if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Cancellation System

After we get payment from you, our designers receive their cut. Because there aren't any physical products and just digital downloads available, we cannot provide refunds. Whether or not you decide to keep utilizing the service is up to you. When you cancel your membership mid-month, you will continue to have complete access till the conclusion of that billing cycle.

So long! There are no cancellation fees or any fine print to worry about when canceling your subscription.

Unsubscribing will cause the following events to occur:

  • In the immediate future, you would no longer get invoices from us.
  • Your membership termination date and the actual date of termination will be communicated to you through email.
  • Until your membership expires, you'll have full access.

Essential Consideration Facts Before Buying 

Before purchasing from us, please check to see whether the materials we give are suitable for use with the casting process machine you want to use. Even if you inadvertently purchase the product, we will not honor your request for a reimbursement, withdrawal, or exchange since all of the downloaded files are digital, and there are no tangible products.

Therefore, we kindly ask that you refrain from making any purchases of digital items from us until you thoroughly familiarize yourself with our reimbursement and return policy. 

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